Opportunistic Capital

Company Overview

Aileron Capital Management is a national specialty finance company and FINRA-registered broker/dealer, with an expertise in government guaranteed loan programs, including U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, USDA B&I (Business and Industry) loans, and loans backed by commercial and residential real estate. Through our family of investment funds, we originate and/or acquire: (i) SBA and USDA guarantees; (ii) SBA 504 first mortgage/deed of trust loans; (iii) USDA B&I loans; (iv) interim bridge loans, including 1st and 2nd mortgage/deed of trust loans in connection with SBA 504, 7 (a), and USDA B&I transactions; and (v) low-leverage, short-term "bridge" loans.

In addition to making loans, we also make direct equity investments in land development projects and value-add transactions, with a focus on multifamily, senior housing, and hospitality. While most of our equity investments are in projects where we are the principal developer, we will consider investing in projects being developed by outside parties; however, we are not a passive investor, so we will require a heavy involvement in the management of the project.

As a privately owned and operated company, Aileron is managed by a group of principals that share the same entrepreneurial spirit and mindset as the clients with whom we work. It is because of this like-mindedness that we truly understand the ever-evolving needs of small business owners, and recognize that each situation is unique. We listen carefully to our clients in order to fully understand their needs, and provide them with the capital necessary to meet their growth objectives, which in turn creates more jobs within their communities.

Why the Name?

ai·le·ron n. -- Movable airfoil at the trailing edge of an airplane wing, used to control the plane's rolling and banking movements. – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Much like the equipment after which the company was named, our mission is to help our clients take-off and stay the course. By providing capital at a critical period in their growth cycle, our goal is to help U.S. small businesses grow, succeed, and create jobs for their communities.

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