Tax Credits

Tax Credits

Aileron Capital, through our subsidiary funds, will provide tax credit equity for historic, new markets, and solar energy projects. We work with developers in properly structuring and underwriting potential transactions that will generate state and federal tax credits, and provide them with the capital necessary to acquire and develop/redevelop the properties.

In most cases, Aileron will provide the debt and equity for tax credit projects, acting as both the senior lender and the tax credit equity investor. For smaller transactions totaling $3-10 million, Aileron will typically use its own capital, thereby eliminating the tax credit marketing and placement risk. For transactions exceeding $10 million, we will partner with large corporations, high net worth individuals, and banks, utilizing single and multi-investor funds as investment conduits to provide the tax credit equity.

Tax Credit Equity

We target the following types of projects in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states

• Adaptive Reuse Historic Rehabilitation

• Ground-up and Substantial Rehab for NMTC eligible properties

• Renewable Energy and PACE eligible

• Property Types: Office, Retail, Student Housing, Apartments, Seniors Housing, Mixed-Use

Tax Credit Lending

We offer senior debt options for NMTC, HTC, and renewable energy projects nationwide.

• Leverage Loans (entire loan or participation with other leverage lenders)

• Ground-up Construction

• Bridge Loans

• Mezzanine Loans